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Ryusei Kayama Collection
Number of publications on site 331
Works in Italy
(Number of publications 17)
Nara sketch
(Number of publications 18)
Kyoto sketch
(Number of publications 33)
One hundred
scenery of
Takatori, Nara

Point drawing
Order painting
Osaka sketch,

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Ryusei Kayama's event information
Radio program by Ryusei Kayama
On the second Sunday of the month
11丗00乣12丗00 Live broadcasting

FM-HANAKO 82.4MHz丂丂亀Tobikkiri Sunday
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Art city event in Osaka city of water
100 artists from all over Japan gathered.
Ryusei Kayama was chosen as one of the 100 leading artists in Japan.
The picture on the right is 3 shots of then Osaka Governor and Mayor of Osaka.

International Workshop Festival
Ryusei Kayama is a lecturer at various art events and painting classes.
The 5th Ryusei Kayama Gion Exhibition
Art Festa 2010
Lesson to draw a simple picture letter

2010.11.23 Public institutions for lifelong learning, Osaka, Japan
Ryusei Kayama's Nara Gary 1
Waiting corridor of Okumura clinic in Nara prefecture
It is an introduction of the newspaper on which Ryusei Kayama's paintings were posted.
Introduction of the gallery at the housing exhibition hall
Misawa Home Corporation,Japan
Sales of goods other than paintings
The 6th Ryusei Kayama Gion Exhibition

I delivered an Italian work.
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The 3th Ryusei Kayama Gion Exhibition
The picture was taken with the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
Ryusei Kayama's painting adopted as a book drawing
Release 2006.7
Ryusei Kayama's
Nara Gary 2

Sekiya Hospital

Pictures of dogs and cats丂丂丂
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It is a work which treated kanji mainly on the scenery of Kyoto and Nara in Japan
.I write kanji with brush character peculiar to Japan.
Please enjoy the original work of Ryusei Kayama.

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